Welcome to Pearl One Tower, where grandeur meets luxury in the heart of Bahria Town Lahore. This prestigious residential project is a testament to opulence and exclusivity, spanning over an impressive 100,000 Sq. Ft on the main boulevard, Jinnah Avenue. Discover a truly exceptional living experience in one of the most sought-after residential complexes in the area. Indulge in the elegance of modern apartments, meticulously designed with top-quality fittings and fixtures. Each residence offers breathtaking views of the iconic Grand Mosque and the magnificent Eiffel Tower, providing a picturesque backdrop to your everyday life. Situated in a prime location, Pearl One Tower offers easy access to the city’s major arteries, ensuring seamless connectivity to key destinations. This presents an ideal investment opportunity that promises long-term benefits, making it a smart choice for discerning investors.


Experience the epitome of luxurious living at Pearl One Tower, where every amenity and facility is thoughtfully designed to enhance your lifestyle and provide unparalleled comfort and convenience.

  • Card access to the building
  • Private residential lobby
  • Complete automation of building
  • Smart elevators
  • Largest top roof garden in BTL
  • Mosque
  • 24/7 Room service
  • Grocery delivery
  • Laundry service
  • Public address system
  • Round the clock CCTV & security backup
  • Firefighting System
  • Secure Private Parking
  • Rent-a-car facilities


Pearl One Tower is ideally located on the main boulevard of Jinnah Avenue in the heart of Bahria Town Lahore. This prime location ensures easy accessibility to major transportation routes and seamless connectivity to the rest of the city. Situated in one of the most coveted areas of Bahria Town, residents of Pearl One Tower can enjoy the convenience of nearby amenities, commercial centers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and recreational spots. Embrace the advantage of a central location that offers the best of both convenience and a vibrant community ambiance.

Site Location

Plot# 10-18, Iqbal block, Bahria Town Lahore

Location Features

  • Eiffel Tower
    Golf & Country Club
  • A few mins from Canal Bank Road, Ring Road, Khayaban-e-Jinnah and M2-Motorway
  • 30 mins from Airport
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Bahira International hospital
  • Beaconhouse National University & other educational institutions


ABS Developers is the company behind Pearl One Tower. As the epitome of excellence, ABS Developers has carved a prominent niche in the industry, backed by a rich portfolio of planned projects spanning over an astounding 1 million+ Sq. Ft. They are revered as pioneers in delivering extraordinary developments that redefine the very essence of perfection. With an impeccable track record of successfully completing 16+ projects, our commitment to client satisfaction has garnered a legion of overjoyed clients, exceeding the 1000 mark. ABS Developers epitomize values that align with your aspirations, proudly upholding a 100% Riba-free policy and ensuring 100% Sharia compliance. Their unwavering dedication to punctuality and professionalism is reflected in the timely delivery of our projects, a testimony to their unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Join the privileged ranks of their esteemed clients who have witnessed the ABS Developers difference firsthand.


Experience the epitome of contemporary living at Pearl 1 Tower. Artistically designed 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments offer the perfect blend of luxury and modernity. With top-notch amenities and facilities, this high-end development caters to your every need. Nestled in a prime location with convenient accessibility, Pearl 1 Tower combines tranquility with connectivity. Elevate your lifestyle with our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and smart home technologies.

Residential Features:

  • Card access to the building
  • Private residential lobby
  • Corridor
  • Automated Apartments
  • Smart elevators
  • Largest top roof garden in BTL
  • 24/7 Room service
  • Grocery delivery
  • Laundry service
  • Round the clock CCTV & security backup
  • Firefighting System
  • Security system


Choose Pearl 1 Tower and immerse yourself in a world where luxury, convenience, and unmatched living become an everyday reality.

Riba-Free & Sharia Compliance: Pearl 1 Tower takes great pride in adhering to strict Sharia compliance and maintaining a policy that is free from Riba. ABS Developers are dedicated to upholding the values of their esteemed clientele who prioritize ethical and responsible investments, guaranteeing a sense of tranquility in all aspects of their residential and shopping endeavors.

Unparalleled Luxury: Pearl 1 Tower offers an unparalleled luxury living experience. From elegant finishes to meticulous craftsmanship, every detail is designed to exude opulence and sophistication. Indulge in a lifestyle where luxury becomes a part of your everyday existence.

Prime Location: Located on the main boulevard of Jinnah Avenue in the heart of Bahria Town Lahore, Pearl 1 Tower enjoys a prime location. Benefit from easy access to major transportation routes, renowned educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and a myriad of entertainment options. Embrace the convenience of a central location that enhances your lifestyle.

Exceptional Amenities: Pearl 1 Tower is equipped with top-notch amenities that characterize a high-end modern lifestyle. From state-of-the-art fitness centers and swimming pools to recreational areas and lush green spaces, every aspect is designed to enhance your well-being and provide endless opportunities for relaxation and leisure.

Stunning Views: Residents of Pearl 1 Tower can delight in breathtaking views from their balconies. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, whether it’s the majestic Grand Mosque or the iconic Eiffel Tower. Enjoy a picturesque backdrop that adds a touch of elegance to your daily life.

Investment Potential: Choosing Pearl 1 Tower is not only about luxury living; it’s also a wise investment decision. The project promises long-term benefits and substantial returns. Benefit from the prime location, exceptional amenities, and the reputation of Bahria Town Lahore, ensuring a property that appreciates in value over time.

Trusted Developer: Pearl 1 Tower is brought to you by a trusted developer with a proven track record of delivering successful projects. You can have complete confidence in the quality, professionalism, and timely delivery of your dream home.

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